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Espace Passion is a non-profit association. On 6th June 1998 (statutory meeting with 35 persons) the six founding members Raymond Clerc, Jean-Paul Cruchon, Jacob Gerhard, Jean-Luc Schorer, Gilbert Stragiotti and Roger Stutz signed the first articles of association.
Jacob Gerhard was President between 1998 and 2000, then Jean-Pierre Kallenbach from March 2000 until spring 2007 and Alfred Bohnenblust from 20th April 2007 until 3rd April 2009. Then Christophe Keckeis from 3rd April 2009 until 15th April 2016. Currently Peter Egger is our President.

The idea of Espace Passion initiated within the flight squadron 5 that was based in the Rarogne airbase (Wallis). This unit of the Swiss airforce was dissolved in 1994. Willing to maintain the souvenir of their common military past the pilots founded an association called The Fifth Squadron.

Very soon a Hunter plane was donated to the Fifth Squadron and exhibited in a former sawmill turned roughly into a museum in the village Arnex-sur-Orbe. Later the pilots of the squadron 5 decided to gather all military aviation lovers interested in preserving witnesses of its history and created a new association open to everyone: Espace Passion.
Nowadays Espace Passion counts more than 1200 members who volunteer for Clin d'Ailes, the Military Aviation Museum in Payerne.

In order to restore seven planes, several flight simulators, material and equipment an efficient organisation had to be put in place. All these efforts led to the opening of Clin d'Ailes to the public on 26th April 2003. Within five years Espace Passion had managed to find the necessary resources to found the Museum.

After opening Clin d'Ailes the association carried on being involved in its promotion and operations. Espace Passion has now become the association that maintained and made two historical jets fly, a Hunter Trainer and a Mirage III. Since 2015, only the Mirage III.

From the beginning Espace Passion has benefited from the constant support of the Air Force. Its members are all enthusiastic about participating in the realisation of a dream in Payerne, a historical site for the Swiss military Air Force.