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Espace Passion aims at collecting and maintaing the military aviation heritage and at perpetuating the souvenir of the Swiss military wings. Among other Espace Passion organises visits to air bases abroad or to planes assembly factories as well as trips to air shows.
The association also takes part in several public events to promote its work. Over the years Espace Passion has become the organisation that provides the required professional skills to maintain and restore former military planes in order to exhibit them or make them fly with civil passengers.

An Espace Passion team has been working intensively on the plane Hunter Trainer J-4203 since 2002. After two years of hard labour and 2600 working hours the plane received its civil registration HB-RVW in 2004 and could therefore take up the air once again. Up to date more than 400 passengers, all members of Espace Passion, have discovered the beauty of flying in a military jet plane.

Another team has been working on the two-seater Mirage J-2012 since 2005. After 4 years of restoration work the plane got its certification and civil registration HB-RDF. A world premiere, the first civil passenger flew on 16th September 2008. Espace Passion is the only organisation in the world that flies a Mirage III. It can therefore protect this plane that is a core piece of the aviation heritage of the 20th century.

The Espace Passion Committee in 2018 :

Peter EggerPresident
Benoit StudemannVice-President
Laurent BrovaroneFlight Operations Director
Christoph FreiermuthTreasurer
Nathalie BersierSecretary
Lise TerraponAdministrative Delegate
Gilbert Miauton
François Golay

Espace Passion turned 20 in 2018. FOr this occasion, special tarifs will be proposed for the Mirage III passenger. More information on the following link : Flight Operations