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Dassault Mirage III-DS 'EMIR'
The plane J-2012/HB-RDF, currently used for civil flights by Espace Passion, completed more than 1'387 flying hours.

This wonderful plane was part of the second batch of two-seater Mirage of the Air Force.
The first set of four airplanes was named Mirage III BS, and the second set of two airplanes, that was introduced in 1980, was named Mirage III DS (J-2011 and J-2012).
The code name for two-seater Mirage is "EMIR" (E stands for 'exercise (training)' and MIR for 'Mirage'). Contrary to single seaters, two-seater planes were not equipped with a radar. They were fitted with 2 30mm-barrels, 2 air-to-air infrared rockets (SIWA) and with lures (chaffs & flares).

The J-2012 last flew in December 2003 for the Air Force from Buochs to Payerne and was donated to the Foundation in 2005.

Currently, it is the only ready to fly plane to be engaged by Espace Passion.

  Technical information - Mirage III-DS 'EMIR'

Affiliated:from 1982 to 2003
Engine:ATAR 09 C-3, produced by SNECMA (France)
9-stage axial-flow compressor
2-stage turbine
Maximum thrust:4'300 kp
With afterburner:6'000 kp
With afterburner+SEPR rocket engine:7'300 kp
With afterburner and 8 JATOS:9'600 kp
Weight empty:6'500 kg
Weight at take-off:8'835 kg
Maximum speed:Mach 2.2 (2400 km/h at high altitude)
Climbing rate:66 m/s
Maximum g-force:+7,5g / -3.75g
Ceiling altitude:18'000 m/sea
Flight radius:1'200 km