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Tel: +41 77 521 66 00 / info@clindailes.ch
The Museum The Museum Foundation
The Museum is the result of a dream, of the idealism, of the passion as well as of the intense complicity and friendship between all the Foundation Council members who worked during more than five years to make this wonderful project come true.

Foundation Council

Founding members:
Claude NicollierPresident 
Raymond ClercVice-President  
Jean-Paul CruchonVice-PresidentBuilding
Robert Briner Finances
Jean-Luc SchorerSecretary 
Gilbert Stragiotti Patrimony
André Borschberg  
Peter EggerEspace Passion President
Christophe Keckeis  
Marco Lupi  
Laurent de Morsier  
Cédric Perret-Gentil  
Patrick RidouxTreasurer 
Christophe Ruchat  
Edouard Schmutz  
Benoît StudemannHead of Airbase 
Jürg StuderMuseum Director
Coordination with the Air Force:
Brigadier Werner Epper   
Former Council members:
Pierre-André Winteregg1999-2015 
Fernand Carrel2000-2003 
Jean-Pierre Kallenbach2000-2007 
Raymond Luisier2000-2017 
Alfred Ramseyer2001-2008 
Jean-Pierre Burri2004-2015 
Jean-Rodolphe Willi ✝2007-2008 
Alfred Bohnenblust ✝2008-2013 
Pierre Besse2015-2017 
Yasmine Vidal2016-2017 

The Foundation Council thanks all the sponsors, the companies and all those who with their donation and their work enabled this project to be carried through.