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Tel: +41 77 521 66 00 / info@clindailes.ch
Welcome President’s word
An important step of the ambitious project set up by the 5th flight squadron and by Espace Passion, the Military Aviation Museum in Payerne “Clin d'Ailes” is open to the public and to the heart and the mind of its visitors.

Some curious visitors will be interested in what hides behind this elegant building made of concrete, steel and glass. Others will come and look for detailed information regarding the conception and the incorporation of the beautiful planes exhibited. All will be amazed by the elegance of the airplanes and the strength felt under the fuselage. Especially wonderful, the Hunter and the Mirage are the amazing results of the aerodynamical evolution of military planes between the 50s and 60s. They represent the transition from subsonic (or just supersonic with a bit of will...) technique to overshooting the sonic barrier….

Clin d’Ailes is also a place to meet and learn, a welcoming venue for meetings, conferences, forums, an area where aficionados exchange ideas, photos, footages and feelings. Clin d’Ailes is not a traditional museum, but a place that lives, shines and inspires.

Joined to the most active airbase of our country, Clin d’Ailes is the link between our national air force and the public, a transition place between past and future. The museum expresses values that its founders believe in intensively and that they wish to share with you.

The dream goes on – thank you for your visit!

President of the Foundation of the Military Aviation Museum in Payerne

Claude Nicollier