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Presentation : Mirage III-DS J-2012

Visitor Book of Hunter Trainer J-4203
Visitor Book of Mirage III-DS J-2012
In order to fly in a Mirage III you must be member of the association Espace Passion.
Espace Passion signup form
Then read and fill in the corresponding documents:

For further information on flights in a Mirage III please write to: 
One of the objectives of the Clin d'Ailes Foundation and its support association Espace Passion is to maintain a high-quality aeronautical patrimony, and especially in its initial condition, i.e. in flying conditions.

The Hunter Trainer and the two-seater Mirage III have thus been restored and can be presented at air shows. Flights with passengers provide the financial funding for the necessary training of the pilots. The number of annual flights is limited to this training.

Basic prerequisite to fly with us

To fly in a Mirage III you must fulfil the following prerequisite:
1)be aged 18 or older
2)be a member of the association Espace Passion
3)have filled in, signed and sent the 'Medical form'
4)have filled in, signed and sent the 'Terms and conditions'
Max. height: 193cm (6'3 ft)
Min. weight: 48kg (7st 7lb)
Max. weight: 104kg (16st 5lb)

Please read the other requisite in our contract 'Terms and conditions for passenger flights in historical jet '.

Flight prices in Mirage III for 2019

Mirage III - flight (approx. 40-50 minutes):CHF 15'000.- VAT included


Many people would like to fly in a Mirage III but the yearly number of flights is limited. You might have to wait several months after registering before you can actually fly.
Please check the flying dates for the current year on the page 'Flights dates'.

Booking a flight can only be done with the form 'Registering for a flight in a historical jet'.
Flights are attributed according to the reception date of the registrations. In case the bookings exceed the yearly number of possible flights the registration will be put on a waiting list for the following year.

All necessary documents for the Mirage III flights can be downloaded from the drop-down menus on the right-hand side of this page.

Further important information

The necessary equipment for your flight will be provided at the airbase on the day of the flight.

Each flight will be adapted as much as possible to the wishes of the passenger and will be discussed with the pilot during the pre-flight briefing. Details on our page 'Practical information'.

Flight area

Our plane is allowed to do subsonic flights over the Swiss territory during the day and in good weather conditions.

Regional airports / airbases

For further information regarding Mirage III flights please write to: