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Presentation : Mirage III-DS J-2012

Visitor Book of Hunter Trainer J-4203
Visitor Book of Mirage III-DS J-2012
In order to fly in a Mirage III you must be member of the association Espace Passion.
Espace Passion signup form
Then read and fill in the corresponding documents:

For further information on flights in a Mirage III please write to: 
Dates and Prices
Mirage III flights in 2017

Subject to change:

May 30 to June 2 - Mirage III flights, from Payerne
June 27 to 30 - Mirage III flights, from Payerne
September 5 to 8 - Mirage III flights, from Payerne

Breitling Sion Airshow 2017 : Nous y serons !!
Jeudi 14.09, survol Payerne-Sion et entraînement.
Vendredi 15.09, samedi 16.09 et dimanche 17.09, display de notre Mirage III DS selon le programme de vols du meeting.
Mardi 19.09, survol retour Sion-Payerne.

Passengers flying during an air show must hold a valid pilot licence. Flights are attributed according to the reception date of the valid registrations. In order to fly you must necessarily be a member of the association Espace Passion.

For further details on Mirage III flights please consult the Information page or contact us:

Flight prices in Mirage III for 2017

Mirage III - flight (approx. 40-50 minutes):CHF 15'000 .- VAT included